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After teaching the right way to eat to more than 1,500 members at UpLift Guided Fitness, this dynamic group now offers its proven eating strategy in an easy-to-follow online course!

If you have struggled to get your eating on track… if you don’t know how to eat healthy… if you think it’s going to be complicated or expensive… the struggle stops here!


Eating healthy foods SIX TIMES A DAY is the simple secret to losing weight, feeling great, and powering through your busy days… 

Even if your main motivation is to like what you see in the mirror, take all the other benefits as bonuses!

UpLift's 21 Day Healthy Habits Program teaches the ONE, BEST WAY to lose weight, get healthy, live longer, and feel amazing energy.

We wouldn't make you do anything we don't do you'll learn to eat the way the UpLift staff and trainers eat, as you watch 5 easy-to-understand video modules.

In addition to the video lessons, you get everything you need...

* Healthy Habits Cookbook, with details on how to eat clean, and recipes for making the foods we want you to eat.

* Suggested Foods List, with details on which foods we want you to eat, and foods we want you to avoid.

* DAILY Menus to follow, for both meals and snacks.

* Form for taking your 'Before' Measurements and tracking your progress.

Goal Setting & Progress Form.

* BMI Chart to help you set realistic goals.

* Daily Summary Sheet lets you easily stay on track and eat every 3 hours… yum!

* Log Sheets, so you can quickly keep track of your eating plan. Very helpful!

This is not a diet. A diet is something you quit. This is the way to eat for the rest of your life. You will love it!


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More than 1,500 People Learned to Eat with UpLift


This program has sold, and sold well, for years. UpLift members who follow our eating program are consistently successful at reaching their goal weight – and staying there!

With our new, expanded version of the course, you get everything you need to succeed, along with the support of UpLift Nutritionist Christina Swigart and the UpLift trainers. Watch and learn any time it fits with your schedule, for just $129!

We hear it from our members all the time: Just tell us what to eat! You'll get plenty of specific meal advice in the 21 Day. You'll know what to eat and you're gonna love eating 6 times a day!

Awesome Bonus: The Psychology of Eating Healthy

It's one thing to know HOW to eat healthy. It's another thing to DO IT, consistently, and keep doing it for the rest of your life. In this original ebook that's only available to members of the 21 Day Healthy Habits club, the UpLift trainers will inspire you and help you overcome the psychological hurdles that can block your efforts to lose weight.

Learn how to overcome cravings, get past sticking points, handle peer pressure (when so-called "friends" try to make you eat unhealthy foods), and develop a healthy mindset that fits the healthy new you.

Your mindset plays a huge part in breaking old habits. That's why this free bonus is so valuable, and so important to your future.


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I Lost 90 Pounds with UpLift

"Actually, more than 90 pounds. Every step of the way, UpLift helped me set realistic goals and achieve them."
– Denise Erickson


I Lost 83 Pounds with UpLift

"And I've kept it off for two years. UpLift helped me change my lifestyle. They understand the struggles of losing weight and are there to help you move toward your goals."
– Linda Day Anderson


I Lost 60 Pounds with UpLift

"The 21 Day program gave me the information I needed. I'm no longer yo-yo dieting. I have learned to be patient with my plan, portions make a HUGE difference, eat more often… just the right foods." 
– Maryjo Harden




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Especially when it comes to plans that promise to help you lose weight, it’s normal, it’s natural, to feel skeptical. There’s plenty of snake oil for sale out there, especially on the Internet. That’s why we say, up front, that if you wind up feeling this course was not for you, we are happy to refund your purchase price. Simply send us an email, to and we will refund your money. And we will continue to cheer for you to reach your weight-loss and health goals.

(Only thing we can't refund is purchases of supplements using the UpLift Discount Code.)

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